We deliver the most efficient treatment

We deliver the most efficient treatment pathway to your employees.  It shortens time to health and outcomes.  Employees save 4+ weeks per interaction getting back to health and work faster.
Employers save 41%+ in MSK spend for our partners.  We reduce the number of visits by 37% for our patients.

Digital health designed by physicians

We started with the problem.  We asked the question: What is the best way to treat orthopedic conditions?

We got MDs to talk through the best way to treat patients and designed our process around that.  Then we talked about how we could interact with the current healthcare system.  

When professional athletes get injured on the field, the goal is to get back on the field.  They get accelerated treatment pathways.  That is how MDDirect treats injured employees and your conditions.

Step 1

Short Questionnaire

You start with the most experienced board certified orthopedic surgeons after a short questionnaire.

Step 2

Achieve Best Outcome

They give you a recommendation on how to achieve your best outcome after discussing your care goals. We help you navigate injections vs physical therapy vs chiropractic vs OP surgery vs MRIs. We don’t get paid to refer OR to do the surgery.  Truly

Step 3

Find Best Path

We get you to a local physician with the highest quality and find the best path for you. (low-cost imaging, high quality PT, high quality surgeons)

Step 4

Monitor treatment

Monitor treatment, progress and interact with the local physician if something isn’t advancing.

Why Now?

Orthopedics (or musculoskeletal) is 5% of our national GDP.
Employer spend the most on MSK diagnosis.  For Americans under 65 it is the largest healthcare condition.
It is also the number 1 profit driver for health systems.
Employers want to spend less and health systems want to increase revenue.
Something has got to give.
We have the data.
We have evidence based medicine.
Telemedicine accelerated 20 years during the pandemic.
Employers are ready.
Clinicians are ready.